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KBCC Farm FIG Meeting #2 October 16, 2019

Glenda Ullauri shared upcoming Farm sponsored events:

  1. Taste the Rainbow 10/23/19.  Students who are scheduled to volunteer on the farm will be directed to assist/attend this event.
  2. Food Day November 7th Student Research Project will be presented from 12:40-1:40PM
  3. Upcoming volunteer date:  November 20th for students, staff, and faculty.

Glenda suggested that the FARM FIG again sponsor a Garlic Planting workshop at the KBCC Farm in November date TBA.

Jenny Ratdtke Shared about an Urban Agriculture program which partners urban gardens with incarcerated persons to produce hot sauce from locally grown peppers.  She wondered if this might be a project that our KBCC Farm could be involved with.  Glenda suggested that she share this info. with Maya Stansberry later in the semester.

Shannon Caravello announced that she would be offering KBCC’s Urban Agriculture Class in the Spring of 2019 as a writing intensive class.

Shannon also shared that she will be changing her dissertation topic but would still like the focus to be related in some way to Urban Agriculture and if feasible incorporating the KBCC Farm.  Several ideas were discussed by the group.


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