Farm, Food, & Health FIG
Fall 2023 dates are 10/16 from 2pm-3pm, 11/9 from 11am-12pm, and 12/13 from 1:30am-3:30pm. Contact Dr. Caravello for more info

Please join us for the  Farm, Food, and Health FIG! In this FIG we will discuss ways to include topics in our classrooms and beyond related to environmentally sustainable and equitable food systems, and public and health and wellness. Share and discuss pedagogy and research, learn about and receive updates on the KCC Community Farm and Garden and their events, brainstorm class projects, share student opportunities, and help us host activities and events for the campus community. If you are interested in food, growing, diet as it relates to environmental and public health, and want to join like-minded colleagues, this is the FIG for you! Looking for new staff and faculty to join us!

There are many opportunities to incorporate the KCC Community Farm and Garden, and food systems more generally, into curricula across disciplines. Check out our shared curriculum resources here.

About the KCC Community Farm and Garden:

The mission of the Kingsborough Community College Community Farm and Garden (CFG) is to provide valuable learning opportunities by promoting gardening, growing nutritious and sustainable food, and cultivating a greater sense of community.  The garden strives to be a trans-disciplinary space supporting the academic and non-academic values of a community college through sustainable urban agriculture and local food production.”

Group Facilitator

Shannon Caravello M.S.ED (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation)

For more information please contact Shannon at Shannon.Caravello@kbcc.cuny.edu