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Farm, Food, & Health FIG, May 6th, 2020 Meeting Notes

Attendance: Shannon, Mimi, Robert, Tara, Midori, Patrick, Tommy, Tanzina, Olympia, Jenny, Cris, Maya, Glenda, Gerry

This was a well-attended meeting that started with the Farm folks joining us for our online meeting. They expressed needs as their budget is anticipating unprecedented cuts. They requested assistance with grant writing, testimonials, and volunteer assistance (later when they have a process in place and particularly for those who have experience. We agreed that Wednesday, May 20th meeting would be dedicated to an in-depth discussion on how we can help the farm.

The rest of the meeting consisted of Shannon presenting a “Grow at Home/ seed starting” presentation as requested at prior meeting. There was a lot of interest for this topic and Shannon will host another session on Wednesday, May 20th, at 4pm for those who could not make it or had connectivity issues. This presentation was well received as it was educational and provided faculty and staff with an outlet during these difficult times (social distancing and quarantine due to COVID 19). Faculty and staff shared images and discussed what they were doing at home and shared tips and tricks. Presentation and supporting documentation was provided to all in attendance via email afterward.

Farm, Food, & Health FIG April 29th, 2020 Meeting Notes

Attendance: Shannon Caravello, Olympia Gibson, Tanzina Ahmed, Tommy Mintz, Mimi Fierle.

Due to COVID 19 and campus closures, the meeting was held via BB Collaborate. The name change from Farm FIG to Farm, Food, & Health FIG was discussed as a way to open up the topic to other related areas and attract more members. Members discussed how they would like to talk more about opportunities for sharing and discussing research ideas and opportunities. We had decided to set up a meeting aside from the FIG that may be beneficial for those on campus engaged in food studies and agricultural research. The date is TBD and the main members interested were Shannon and Tanzina. Other members wanted to discuss more information on sharing resources with students as well as how to get started on starting seeds and growing in their own homes, especially during these times of social isolation. Members also engaged in conversation about food access and shared what they were making at home. A discussion concerning people needing to learn shopping and cooking skills and how many people have lost touch with their roots through modern conveniences took place as well.

It was decided that our next online session on May 6th would be about home seed starting and growing as that would be fun and relaxing for members in this unprecedented time. Shannon uploaded a large amount of material to the shared DropBox for this activity and she also shared the Dropbox access with the new members. Members also discussed possibly hosting a Netflix Party with a movie screening for faculty and staff this semester. Shannon called for movie suggestions by May 6th and will go ahead and finalize details on May 6th. Tanzina also shared her most recent research outcomes with the FIG via email afterward that looked at Food Insecurity.