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Session 2

In attendance: Shannon Caravello, Glenda Ullauri, Mary Lou Fierle, Jennifer Mitchell, Cris Izaguirre


  1. Intros


-gender pronoun


-if you were a vegetable, what vegetable/plant would you be? why?

  1. Food Day, Wednesday Nov 1

-confirmed line up

1)    View the trailer for Seed: The Untold story


How would we like to facilitate the movie screening?


-MAC rotunda

-layout: ask if we can close the blinds to be able to project



Mimi’s class (health and nutrition)

-interested in:


-food and stress issues

-digestive issues related to genetics

-different diets (culture)

-time management and cooking (healthy fast food options)

-excessive sugars and carbs

Other ideas:

-looking at food diversity in school food

III. Fall Workshops

-cover crop Friday Oct 13

-garlic planting Friday Oct 20

-what other workshops would you like to see offered?

  1. Farm Tours

-show link, schedule tours if possible

  1. Other collaborations

-what projects are people working on that could use support

  1. Closing

-schedule next meeting


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